Hellowien Blue Ulysses of Blue-Samun  
Parents Grand-Parents Great Grand-Parents Great-Great Grand-Parents
    GC.RW Softmacig Big John Of Bolo, DM
    Bolo's Bombs Away Red-White
    Of Noblessa GC
  GC Red Tabby-White Bolo's Fruit o' The Loom.DM
  Noblessa's Navigator   Tortoiseshell
  of Sugarspun DM   GC 
  Black-White CH Rubyrose Lightning Bolt Of Bolo
    Bolo's Tiara Black-White
    Of Noblessa  
CH   Black-White Marhei June Bug Of Bolo, DM
Sugarspun     Tortoiseshell
Ist Just a Love Thing     GC 
Blue-White Van   GC Anz Rip Van Winkle Of Mchy
    Mchy SM Tek'Ncality Blue-White Van
    Of Sugerspun GC
    Cream-White Bekah Just Bailey Of Mchy, DM
  Sugerspun   Dilute Calico
  While Angels Wached   GC
  Dilute Calico   Parallax Purrahna Of Staatz
    Staaz Caliope Red
    Of Sugerspun  
    Calico Capodicapi Valentine Of Staatz
      Dilute Calico
    GC Equinox Engima Av Elains, DM
    Equinox Spotless Blue-White Van
    Of Couture Cats  
  CH Van Blue-White Anz Nicoalette Of Equinox
  Wattkatz Marco Polo    Black-White
  Of Viennasky   GC
  Blue-White GC Tehy Avanti Of Old Castle
    Wattkatz Crawford Black-White
CH   Black-White Pajean's Pickles Of Wattkatz
Hellowien     Dilue Calico
Boogie Woogie     CH
Blue-White Van Odd-Eyed   GC Tittusville Romeo Of Eckerngarten
    Polcann's  Cream-White
    Night-Bandit GC
  CH Black-White Polcann's Night-Wind, DM
  Polcann's Baby-Doll   Black
  Of Hellowien   GC.RW
  Brown Ptch Tabby-White GC Polcann's Rocky-Rider
    Polcann's  Black
    Rock-a- Bye Baby DM  
    Brown Patched Tabby Dearborn's My Blue Angel Of Polcann
      Blue Ptch Mckrl Tabby