IC.  Sherrly  Blue Samun / / Persiana Dilute Calico Smoke  
  Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents  
      AM.GC./ DM Bolo's Bombs Away of Noblessa  
      Noblessa's Navigattor Per. Red-Tabby -White  
      of Sugarspun AM.CH.  
     AM.CH Per. Black White Bolo's Tiara of Noblessa  
    Sugarspun   Per. Black-White  
    Its Just A Love Thing   AM.GC.  
    Per. Blue White Van   Mchy SM Tek' Ncality of Sugarspun  
      Sugerspun Per. Cream -White  
      While Angels Watched    
      Per. Dilute Calico Staatz Caliope of Sugerspun  
  CH     Per. Calico  
  Hellowien Blue Ulysses     AM.GC.  
  of Blue Samun   AM.CH Equinox Spotless of Couture Cats  
  Per. Blue White Van   Wattkatz Marco Polo Per. Blue - White Van  
      of Viennasky AM.GC.  
    AM.CH Per. Blue White Wattkatz Crawford  
    Hellowien   Per. Black - White  
    Boogie Woogie   AM.GC.  
    Per.  Blue White Van Odd. Eyed AM.CH Polcann's Night-Bandit  
      Polcann's Baby-Doll Per. Black - White  
      of Hellowien AM.GC./ DM  
      Per. Brown Ptch Tabby-White Polcann's Rock-A-Bye Baby  
        Per. Brown Patched Tabby  
        Boberans Jubilee of Catriona  
      Katyia's Ztasi Per. Blue-White  
      of Catriona GC  
      Per. Red-White Per. Katras Crescendo Katyia  
    Choice of Love   Calico  
    di Marilý      
    Per. Brown Tabby-White   Thomowook di Antares  
      Antartica Per. Brown Tabby-White  
  CH   di Marilý CH  
  Blue-Samun   Per. Brown Patched Tabby-White Selenia di Marilý  
  Zephira     Per. Red-White  
  Per. Calico-Smoke     EC  
        No Comment di Gazzebo  
      Archimede Per. Red  
      di Marilý    
    CH Per. Red Varlet d'Araba Fenice  
    Blue-Samun   Per. Copper-Eyed White  
    Savannah   IC  
    Per. Cream Smoke   First Edition von Baloghshof  
      Beauty-Flower Per. Black Smoke  
      von Schepher    
      Per. Tortie-Smoke Mary-Lou von Baloghshof  
        Per. Red Smoke