IC.    Tahirah -  LuLu   Blue Samun  
  Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents  
      Am.CH. Joleigh's Night Owl of Invention  
      Invention's Icemen Per.Black-Smoke  
      of My Fantasy AM.CH.  
    IC. Per. Red-Silver-Tabby Dream of Glory's Let The Sunshine  
    My Fantasy's   Per. Red-Silver Tabby  
    Give Me More      
    Per. Red-Shaded (gen. Tabby)   Petovia's Diablo  
      My Fantasy's Per.Black-Smoke  
      Pretty Bellinda    
      Per.Tortie-Smoke Sunlit Penny Lane of my Fantasy  
  Tellsvalley     Per. Cream-Smoke  
  Rajesh-Reza     SC. / DM  
  Per.Black-Silver Tabby   SC. Birstein Red Cloud MJ  
      Birstein Per.Red  
      More Than Words SC.AM.GC. / DM  
    GIC. Per. Black Fagervoll Bed and Breakfast CB  
    Tellsvalley   Per.Calico  
    Oshuna   GIC.  
    Per. Black-Smoke GIC. Gianni von der Margelwiese  
      Tellsvalley Per. Red-Smoke  
      Naomi GIC.  
      Per. Tortie-Smoke Drea of Glory's Rainbowcolor on Ice  
        Per. Tortie-Smoke  
      AM.CH. Noblessa's Navigator of Sugerspun  
      Sugarspun Per. Black-White  
      Its Just A Love Thing    
      Per. Blue-White Van Sugerspun While Angels Watched  
    CH.   Per.Dilute-Calico  
    Hellowien   AM.CH.  
    Blue Ulysses AM.CH. Wattkatz Marco Polo of Viennasky  
    Per.Blue-White Van Hellowien Per. Blue-White  
  IC   Boogie Woogie AM.CH.  
  Sherrly   Per. Blue-White Van Odd-Eyed Polcann's Baby-Doll of Hellowien  
  Blue Samun     Per.Tortie-Patched-Tabby-White  
  Per.Dilute- Calico Smoke        
        Katyah's Ztasy of Catriona  
      Choice of Love Per.Red-White  
      di Marilu    
    CH. Per. Brown-Tabby White Antartica di Marilu  
    Blue Samun   Per. Tortie-Patched-Tabby-White  
    Per. Calico Smoke CH. Archimede di Marilu  
      Blue Samun Per.Red  
      Per. Cream-Smoke Beauty-Flower von Schepher  
        Per. Tortie-Smoke