" Layla "




                                        Blue-Samun Desert  Rose  
          Parents             Grandparents     Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
    CH Harbro's Homeward Bound
    Twin-Zee Tumme Tucker Brown Tabby
    of Deebows  
  CH Black-Smoke Twin-Zee Peek-A-Boo Lulu
  Deebows   Shaded Tortoiseshell
  Born To Boogie   CH
  Black -Smoke & White   Joleigh's Dream Catcher
    Harbro's  Blue-White
    Opposites Attract  
CH   Black-White Raylee's About Face of Harbro
Deebows  Pugsley     Black
of Blue-Samun     CH
Red-Smoke & White   GC Pajean's Curious George of Oresta
    Oresta's Purry Mason Black-White
    of Marmondy GC
    Red-White Oresta's Miss Marple, DM
  Bakkara Ruby Tuesday   Cream-White
  of Deebows   CH
  Red & White CH Marmondy's For Pete Sake
    Bakkarra Elfin Magic Red-Mackerel-Tabby
    of Marmondy CH
    Tortoiseshell Marmondy My Blue Heaven of Bakkarra
    EC Quin- Jo Tomowak
    No Comment  Black
    di Gazebo  
    Red Maya -Him
  Archimede    Calico- Dilute
  di Marilu   IC
  Red     Rambo Rocky del Gioiello
    Varlet Copper-Eyed White
    d' Araba fenice CH
CH.   Copper -Eyed White Sex Epeal d' araba Fenice
Blue-Samun     Cream
Cream - Smoke   IC Grafcats E-Z
    First Edition Red
    von Baloghshof IC
  Beauty-Flower von Schepher Black -Smoke Unique von Baloghshof
  of Blue - Samun   Tortoise- Shaded
  Tortoise-Smoke   Pukas Future Wave
    Mary -Lou Red - Shaded Cameo
    von Baloghshof GIC
    Red-Smoke Glorydays  von Baloghshof
      Cream -Smoke